Wiring modules for instruments and appliances
Harnesses for machines with valve and watertight connectors
Connector assemblies, complying to all requested electrical and environmental specs

Wiring & cabling modules

Connector assemblies & wiring modules

Connector assemblies and wiring modules form the nervous system of your product or machine. Smoothly and efficiently, they transfer current and signals and, therefore, should be designed, produced and tested according to the highest standards.
Because our clients use a wide variety in connector assemblies and wiring modules, our processes for planning, logistics and production are extremely flexible. From the design stage to the testing stage, and beyond, we help our customers create the best possible solution.
We specialise in high-mix/medium-volume connector assemblies and wiring modules. And we produce connector assemblies and wire harnesses for office and medical equipment, the automotive industry (special vehicles), the machine industry, professional design lighting systems and vending machines.