Overmoulded switch for loading ramps.
Overmoulded IP67 connector for diesel engines for yachts.
Overmoulded pcb: protection against dust, moisture and water.

Insert moulding

Protect against dust, moisture and mechanical strain

- To protect even the most sensitive and delicate components, our overmoulding process operates at relatively low pressures and temperatures. All components are thus protected against dust, moisture and mechanical strain.

- The cost for aluminium tooling is low, allowing for even small series – up to 3000 pieces per year – to be processed efficiently. Typical cycle times are between 10 and 50 seconds. The different types of granulate are of high quality, do not contain toxic substances, are environment-friendly, and comply with UL 94 V0, ROHS and WEEE. And the bonding strength on PVC is excellent.

- Applications include: connectors, printed circuit boards, switches, relays, transformers, bobbins, and many more. For outdoor use, the special thermoplastic material is UV-resistant and weatherproof, and withstands temperatures from -40C up to +130C.

Watertight overmoulding of a switch

The switch that controls the movement of a lorry’s loading ramp is overmoulded to protect against dust and moisture according to IP 67 (watertight for 30 minutes / 1 m under water). The cable is perfectly protected against strain and the moulded product bears the logo of our client.

Watertight overmoulding of connectors

By definition, the wiring of diesel engines in boats and yachts must be watertight. We make use of a standard sealed automotive connector, which we overmould for additional protection against dust, moisture and strain.

Watertight overmoulding of a printed circuit board

In lorries, important information needs to be transmitted to the home base. This is done by means of a small SMT PCB, which amplifies the signals from a computer/GPS system to be transmitted via GSM. Here, the printed circuit board and the cable outlets are perfectly overmoulded, leaving the indication LED in the centre of the PCB completely clear.