One of our Komax automatic wire processing machines.

Cost reduction & quality control

Cost reduction starts in the earliest stages of the design process

The right selection of connector technology, wires, cables, all other components, as well as the layout of the harness, define to a large extent the efficiency and quality of the production process.
Our timely involvement in your design process – from the early stages – will prove invaluable to you. After all, our experience in designing and making harnesses is unequalled in the world. You will start saving money from the very start.
We produce on automatic and semi-automatic wire-processing machines, resulting in a drastic reduction of the labour component in the manufacture of harness assemblies.

Production equipment with integrated quality control

Our Komax automatic wire-processing machines combine high output with the integrated control of the quality of crimped contacts. Crimped contacts transfer current and signals and are, therefore, of vital importance to the quality of connector assemblies and wire harnesses.
We functionally test and document the quality of your wire harnesses.

Flexibility in logistics

To plan our logistics process, we make use of regular prognoses or rolling forecasts. This is especially helpful to serve clients who procure unique components for their connector assemblies or wire harnesses.
In addition, all standard components are available from stock. We can respond to your needs within 4 to 6 weeks. Please let us know about your specific requirements, so that we can arrange for just-in-time deliveries.