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Fischer Connectors

- Fischer Core Series
- Fischer Ultimate Series
- Fischer Fiber Optic Series
- Fischer MInimax Series

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SMD connection technology

  • Smd-01
  • Smd-02

The acronym SMD stands for Surface Mounted Devices, a surface-mounted component of an electronics printed circuit board.

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The acronym SMD stands for Surface Mounted Devices, a surface-mounted component of an electronics printed circuit board. The demand for SMD mounting is increasing as miniaturisation is advancing. Particularly small components are processed gently and cost-effectively with this technology. While several steps are needed for conventional Through-Hole Technology (THT), the SMD component is placed directly on a copperclad surface of the board and soldered.

The direct surface mounting enables processing on both sides and can easily be installed in small, compact enclosures such as mobile telephones or medical devices. Additional costs can be saved with the elimination of the drilling and the faster production.

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Fischer Core Series Stainless Steel

  • Stainless-steel-01
  • Stainless-steel-02

Fischer Core Series Stainless Steel connectors. Ultra-resistant, easy to clean, and easy to handle

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The new Stainless Steel connectors are made of premium-grade stainless steel, offering the best radiation and corrosion resistance. These innovative connectors perform consistently well, even in high temperatures, and allow for microbiological sterilization and/or radioactive decontamination.

Handle them easily wearing gloves, or remotely using a telemanipulator in hazardous or contaminated environments. What’s more, you can customize and configure them as you like – they’re available in any size, for any configuration, and any application you need!

Fischer Stainless Steel
Key features:

- Premium materials for best radiation resistance (316L, PEEK, EPDM)
- IP68 or hermetically sealed solutions
- Wide range of body styles & sizes
- PCB, Solder, Crimp contacts
- Outstanding chemical, temperature and radiation resistance
- Fully sterilizable
- Compatible with decontamination fluids

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Energy saving connector

  • Energy-saving-connector-01

Reduction of energy consumption by 60%. Reduction of working temperature of valve/electrovalve. Extention of live valve

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The following features refer to the parts currently in production or to the parts of whose production project has already been finalized.

Nevertheless, it is possible to modify upon request the following features in terms of voltage being used or maximum power or percentage of reduction as well as “boost” timings or other features.



• VDC in entry 24V or 12V +/- 10%.
• Maximum Power: 36W
• T Boost: 400 ms minimum (Full Power: 36W maximum)
• Maintenance: 60% Full Power
• The maintenance at 60% is achieved by feeding the valve with pulsing current with ON-OFF cycles with frequency of approximately 22KHz.
• Protection against inversions of polarity.
• On the board there is already the diode for extra tensions.
• Reduction of energy consumption by 60%
• Reduction of working temperature of valve/electrovalve
• Extention of live valve

Example of reduction of temperature on 24VDC valve:
• Ambient Temperature: 20°C.
• Temperature inside the valve after 30 seconds without energy saving board = 132°C.
• Temperature inside the valve after 60 seconds with energy saving board = 75°C.

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Fischer FiberOptic Series

  • Fiberoptic-01

Fischer FiberOptic Series. Robust Optical Performance

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Fischer FiberOptic Series
Fischer FiberOptic push-pull connector solutions are purpose-built to withstand the elements of rugged and harsh environments, providing virtually faultless performance.

• Robust push-pull locking plugs & receptacles
• High shock, vibration and mechanical resistance
• IP68 mated & IP 67 unmated Ingress Protection
• Hermetic vacuum tight panel receptacles
• Multi-channel (2&4), SM & MM optical fibers, UPC & APC polishing
• Removable mono-block sleeves holder for easy cleaning

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QuickFix cable glands

  • Cable-gland-01
  • Cable-gland-02

QuickFix cable glands, UL and VDE approved. Black, light-grey and silver-grey.

Material Polyamide PA6
Protection IP 68
Technical specs UL, VDE
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Save up to 85% of time with this new cable gland!
Ask for free samples to test the advantages yourself. The hand tool can be borrowed.

Your benefits:
- Time saving of up to 85%
- Simple and very fast assembly
- Sizes: M12-M50
- Protection rating IP68
- VDE and UL approved

1. Plug-in
Plug-in the cable gland onto the assembly tool (hand tool, electrical, pneumatic).

2. insert and clamp
Insert the cable gland through the hole and clamp into position.

3. Done!
After clamping, retract tool from the cable gland.
Done in no time!